LAMMPS based Molecular Dynamics simulation of Boiling and Evaporation

Article Information
  • Publication Date: Aug 15, 2013
  • Newsletter: Aug 2013

The research team at  University of Missouri (MU) is making the software that they extended based on LAMMPS freely available to the thermal-fluids community to solve boiling and evaporation problems at micro-/nanoscale. The development of software was support by National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant No. 1066917 ( with Professor Yuwen Zhang as PI. This project is partially funded by an OCI CIF21 Venture Fund for Software Reuse. The objective of the initiative is to support pathways towards sustainable software elements through their reuse, and thereby contribute to the OCI cyberinfrastructure mission.


Anyone interested can follow the link at It will direct you to a webpage that has all source code, test cases and published papers. Detail information could be found in Introduction and README files in each subdirectory. 

Please note that while the MU team believes that the models are correct and the software is tested to be robust and reliable, they make no warrantee on the results when the software is being used to solve new problems. It is the users’ responsibility to test the software for their problem and interpret the results obtained from the software. The MU team is not responsible for any loss when the software is used to aid design or analyze the practical systems.