Sumanta Acharya and Bengt Sunden Receive 2011 Heat Transfer Memorial Award

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  • Publication Date: Jul 04, 2011
  • Newsletter: Jun 2011

   Sumanta Acharya            Bengt Sunden        

Sumanta Acharya and Bengt A. Sunden, editorial board members of Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer, have received the 2011 Heat Transfer Memorial Award. Dr. Acharya received the award "for seminal and long-lasting research contributions in gas turbine heat transfer and combustion, natural and mixed convection, and computational methods, enabling improved design of gas turbine engines, enhanced capability of computational fluid dynamics software and a better understanding of complex transport phenomena," and Dr. Sunden received the award "for contributions to the understanding of mechanisms of the heat and momentum transport in complex geometries, enhancement of heat transfer, improvement and development of computational methods, and development of computational fluid dynamics and computer codes for heat exchangers."

Dr. Acharya is L. R. Daniel Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana State University. He recieved his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota in 1982. He is a fellow of ASME. Dr. Acharya is presently serving as the NSF heat transfer program director.

Dr. Sunden serves as the Head of the Department of Energy Sciences at Lund University in Sweden. He presented his Ph.D.-thesis in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics in 1979 at Chalmers University, and in 1980 he was appointed Docent (the highest academic degree in Sweden). He is a fellow of ASME.