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Books for Heat and Mass Transfer

A Heat Transfer Textbook ( Lienhard, John H. IV; Lienhard, John H. V;)
Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer (Amir Faghri; Yuwen Zhang, John Howell)
Advanced Transport Phenomena (Lean, Gary L.;)
An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer: With Applications in Chemical a... (Kay, J.M.; Nedderman, R. M.;)
Analytical and Approximate Methods in Transport Phenomena (Souza-Santos, Marcio L. de;)
Biological and Bioenvironmental Heat and Mass Transfer (Datta, Ashim K.;)
Computational Techniques for Complex Transport Phenomena (Shyy, Wei; Thakur, S. S.; Ouyang, H.; Liu, J.; Blosch, E.;)
Computational Transport Phenomena for Engineering Analyses (Farmer, Richard C.; Cheng, Gary C.; Chen, Yen-Sen; Pike, Ralph W.;)
Conduction Heat Transfer (Poulikakos, Dimos;)
Conjugate Problems in Convective Heat Transfer (Dorfman, Abram S.;)
Convection Heat Transfer (Bejan, Adrian)
Convection Heat Transfer (Arpaci, Vedat S.; Larsen, Poul Scheel;)
Convection in Porous Media (Nield, D.A.; Bejan, A;)
Convective Heat Transfer (Kakaç, Sadik; Yener, Yaman;)
Diffusion (Cussler, E. L.;)
Elements of Heat Transfer (Bayazitoglu, Yildiz;)
Engineering Heat Transfer (Welty, James R.)
Engineering Heat Transfer (Janna, William S.;)
Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics 1993: Proceedings of t... (Kelleher, M.D.; Sreenivasan, Katepalli R.; Shah, R.K.; Joshi Y.;)
Extended Surface Heat Transfer (Kraus, Allan D.; Aziz, A.; Welty, James R.;)
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer (Incropera, Frank p.; Dewitt, David P.; Bergman, Theodore L.; Lavine, Adrienne S.;)
Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer (Welty, James R.; Wicks, Charles E.; Wilson, Robert E.;)
Handbook of Heat Transfer (Rohsenow, Warren M.; Hartnett, James P.; Cho, Young l.;)
Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer (Minkowycz, W. J.; Sparrow, E. M.; Murthy, J.Y.;)
Heat and fluid flow in microscale and nanoscale structures (Faghri, Mohammad; Sundén, Bengt;)
Heat Conduction Using Green’s Functions (Kevin Cole, James Beck, A. Haji-Sheikh, Bahman Litkouhi)
Heat Conduction with Maple (A. Aziz)
Heat Pipe Science And Technology (Amir Faghri)
Heat Transfer (Mills, Anthony F.;)
Heat Transfer (Chapman, Alan Jesse;)

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