Frontiers in Heat Pipes

Biography - Dr. Masataka Mochizuki

Dr. Masataka Mochizuki

Fujikura Ltd., Japan

Dr. Masataka Mochizuki was born in 1951 in Shizuoka, Japan. He graduated from Mechanical Engineering, Numazu College of Technology, Japan, in 1972. He has been working at Fujikura ltd. Tokyo, from 1972. His PhD. was given from Mechanical Engineering at University of Kumamoto, Japan, March 2002. Dr. Mochizuki has been engaged in mostly R & D of heat pipe, two phase heat transfer, electronics cooling, energy conservation, and so on, for 30 years at industry field.

Dr. Mochizuki is now the deputy chairman of Japan Association of Heat Pipes, and a member of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering & Japan Association of Heat Transfer and also Advisedly Scientist of Institute of Industrial Science of University of Tokyo. He is a Fellow, Associate Executive Officer, and the General Manager of Thermal Technology Division, Fujikura Ltd. Tokyo.

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