Frontiers in Heat Pipes

Biography - Dr. Dmitry Khrustalev

Dr. Dmitry Khrustalev

Senior Thermal Technologist at ATK Space, USA

Dr. Khrustalev is the author of more than 70 journal and conference publications and 5 US patents related to thermal system architecture, hardware development, and modeling of thermal control systems and cooling two-phase devices with capillary structures used in electronics, aerospace and other applications.


Ph. D. from Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, Minsk, Belarus, 1984

Professional Experience:

  • 2004–current: Sr. Thermal Technologist at ATK Space
  • 1997-2004 Principal Engineer and Advisor at Thermacore/ Modine Manufacturing Company
  • 1992-1997 Visiting Scientist/Assistant Professor at Wright State University and The University of Connecticut
  • 1978-1992 Sr. Research Scientist at HMTI

Areas of expertise (based on developed and modeled systems):

  • Conventional, miniaturized, and hybrid Loop Heat Pipes (ammonia, propylene, ethane, operating from 170 K to 370 K)
  • Cryogenic Loop Heat Pipes (nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen LHPs operating from 20 K to 140 K)
  • High-Power (multi-kW) Thermal-Bus Loop Thermosyphon systems
  • Mechanically-pumped two-phase systems
  • High-Power (multi-kW) Hybrid LHP systems
  • Axially-grooved heat pipes and Variable Conductance Heat Pipes
  • Systems combining phase change materials and heat pipes
  • Solar energy collectors using heat pipes
  • Transient Sinda-Fluint modeling of two-phase capillary-driven and mechanically-pumped systems with multiple components

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