Frontiers in Heat Pipes

Biography - Dr. Manfred Groll

Dr. Manfred Groll

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Personal Data / Higher Education / Position
Born May 07, 1939, Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany.
  • 1958-1963: Study of mechanical engineering at Universität Stuttgart.
  • 1963: Dipl. Ing., Universität Stuttgart
  • 1969: Dr. Ing., Universität Stuttgart
  • 1978: Habilitation and Venia Legendi for "Energy Systems", Universität Stuttgart.
  • 1963-2004: Institut für Kernenergetik & Energiesysteme (IKE), Universität Stuttgart. Since 1970 Head of "Energy Conversion & Heat Transfer" Division of IKE.
  • 1985-2004: Professor, Universität Stuttgart.
  • 2004: Professor (em.), Consulting Engineer.

Teaching and Related Activities
Lecture courses on “Energy Systems”, “Energy Storage”, “Heat Transformation”, “Nuclear Engineering”. Supervisor of over 120 M.Tech. (Diploma) theses and 40 Ph.D. theses, co-reporter of 30 Ph.D. theses and 2 habilitation theses.

Research and Development
  • 1963-1974: IKE: thermal conduction and radiation, blackbody radiators for high temperatures, thermionic reactors for space applications, heat pipes and heat pipe systems for space and terrestrial applications, thermal energy storage, heat recovery and solar energy utilization.

  • 1975-1976: National Research Council (NRC) associate at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA: heat pipe technology for future satellite applications.

  • 1976-2004: IKE: heat pipes (incl. micro heat pipes, capillary pumped loops, loop heat pipes, pulsating heat pipes) and two-phase thermosyphons; heat recovery; thermal energy storage; analysis and simulation of energy systems; hydrogen technology (metal hydrides); solar-thermal energy utilization (dish/Stirling systems); flow visualisation; enhanced evaporation heat transfer/ microscale heat transfer, nuclear reactor safety (debris cooling).

Over 40 research projects of the German Research Foundation (DFG). Responsible for numerous national and international (ESA, CEC) projects; among others coordinator of two JOULE projects, one Research Training Network, participation in various other JOULE projects, one HCM project, one TMR project and five BRITE-EURAM / GROWTH & ENERGY projects.

Over 360 papers in the field of engineering thermophysics/thermal engineering, energy technology and nuclear reactor safety.

Membership in Scientific Societies / Editorial Boards
Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI), sections energy technology, chemical engineering, solar energy (1973-). American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) (1975-1985). German Section of International Solar Energy Society (ISES).(1978-2005). International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) (1981-2005).

Editorial Board, Appl. Thermal Engineering; Editorial Advisory Board, J. Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics; Associate Editor, Int. J. Heat and Technology; Editorial Board, J. Thermal Science; Editorial Board, Int. J. Heat Pipe Science and Technology.

Professional Society Activities
Founding Member Committee on International Heat Pipe Conferences (1973); Chairman (1990-2004); Honorary Chairman (2004 -).

Organiser/Co-Organiser and Chairman/Co-Chairman of numerous international Conferences, Symposia & Conference-Sessions; Member of numerous Conference Scientific and Advisory Committees.

Guest Professor / Advisory Professor
1987: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology; 1988: Zhejiang University Hangzhou; 1996: Shanghai Jiao Tong University; 1996: Nanjing University of Technology; 1996: Tsinghua University Beijing ; 2008: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur; 2009: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahat; 2009/10: Indian Institutes of Technology Madras and Guwahati; 2010/11: Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

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