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Contact Angle Measurements for Advanced Thermal Management Technologies

Sally M. Smith, Brenton S. Taft, Jacob Moulton
Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT) 5 - 6 (2014)


This study investigates the wettability of fluid-solid interactions of interest for oscillating heat pipe (OHP) applications. Measurements were taken using two techniques: the sessile drop method and capillary rise at a vertical plate. Tested surface materials include copper, aluminum, and Teflon PFA. The working fluids tested were water, acetone, R-134a, and HFO-1234yf. A novel low-pressure experimental setup was developed for refrigerant testing. Results show that the refirgerants have significantly lower hysteresis than the water and acetone-based systems, which is though to lead to better heat transfer in OHP design.

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ISSN: 2151-8629