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Alaa K. Khamis, Allal Bakali, A.A. El-Bary, Haitham M. Atef
Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT) 15 - 24 (2020)


In this paper the effect of the magnetic field and Seebeck parameter was investigated. Modified Ohm's law that includes effects of the temperature gradient (Seebeck effect) and charge density, as well as generalized Fourier's law with current density, the problem of conveyance of thermal stresses and temperature in a generalized Magneto–Thermo-Viscoelastic spherical region. The formulation is applied to the generalized thermo visco elasticity dependent on the Green-Naghdi (G-N II) hypothesis, where there is an underlying magnetic field corresponding to the plane limit , because of the utilization of the magnetic field, it results an actuated magnetic and electric fields in the medium. The Laplace change system is utilized to solve the problem. The State Space investigation is applied to acquire the temperature, displacement, stresses, induced electric field, instigated magnetic field and current density. Application is utilized to our concern to get the arrangement in the total structure. The considered variables are introduced graphically and discussions are made.

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ISSN: 2151-8629