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The vapor chamber is a capillary-driven planar (flat-plate heat pipe in a rectangular or disk-shaped) with a small aspect ratio [1][2][3][4][5], as shown in Fig. 1.

Vapor chamber.
Figure 1: Vapor chamber.

Additional wick blocks between the evaporator and condenser aid in condensate return, especially when the condenser is below the evaporator in a gravity field. If the condenser is above the evaporator, there is no need to have a wick in the condenser section, since the condensate on the upper plate will drip back to the evaporator. A wick is needed over the evaporator section, however, in order to uniformly distribute the liquid over the entire surface so to prevent dryout. The vapor chamber is an excellent candidate for use in electronic cooling applications especially with high heat flux applications, including desktops and servers. Vapor chambers are preferred over conventional heat pipes (CHP) for electronic cooling with heat fluxes higher than 50 W/cm2, since heat flow is two or three dimensional, compared to one dimensional in CHPs. Furthermore, vapor chambers can be placed in direct contact with CPUs using thermal interface materials, thereby reducing the overall thermal resistance of heat sinks.


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