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Purpose of the collection of private information

Thermal-FluidsPedia limits the collection of personally identifiable user data to purposes of enhance the public accountability of the articles. For example, when investigating abuse on a project, including the suspected use of malicious “sockpuppets” (duplicate accounts), vandalism, harassment of other users, or disruptive behavior, the account information may be used to identify the source(s) of the abusive behavior. This information may be shared by administrators who are charged by their communities with protecting the projects.

While the visitors of Thermal-FluidsPedia do not require to register if they view or read articles, their IP address may be used to provide site statistics. The Thermal-FluidsPedia statistically samples raw log data from visitors. These logs are used to produce the site statistics pages; the raw log data is not made public.

The log data may also be examined by developers in the course of solving technical problems and in tracking down badly-behaved web spiders that overwhelm the site.

Reading articles

No more information on visitors reading pages is collected than is typically collected in server logs by web sites. Aside from the above raw log data collected for general purposes, page visits do not expose a visitor's identity publicly. Sampled raw log data may include the IP address of any user, but it is not reproduced publicly.

Editor accounts and authorship

The Thermal-FluidsPedia requires editors to register in order to contribute. Registered editors are identified by their chosen username and real name. Editors select a password, which is confidential and used to verify the integrity of their account. Except insofar as it may be required by law, no person should disclose, or knowingly expose, either user passwords and/or cookies generated to identify an editor. Once created, user accounts will not be removed. It may be possible for a username to be changed but the Thermal-FluidsPedia does not guarantee that a username will be changed on request.

Editor contributions are also aggregated and publicly available. Editor contributions are aggregated according to their registration and login status. Data on editor contributions, such as the times at which editors edited and the number of edits they have made, are publicly available via editor contributions lists, and in aggregated forms published by other editors.

Policy on release of server logs and other personally identifiable information

Server logs and other personally identifiable information are only shared with law enforcement officers and companies that have been subject to criminal abuse on Thermal-FluidsPedia.