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About Thermal-FluidsPedia

Thermal-FluidsPedia is run as part of Thermal-Fluids Central operated by the Global Digital Central. It is a comprehensive free reference for professionals and students requiring information on thermal and fluids science and engineering.

Table of Contents

Thermal-FluidsPedia covers topics in Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Combustion, Multiphase Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Numerical Heat Transfer (NHT), Turbulence, Measurements and Instrumentation, Thermophysical Properties, Energy, Application Areas and Contemporary Topics.


Frequently asked Questions about general issues of Thermal-FluidsPedia, copyright policy and Format and Guidelines.

How to contribute

Thermal-FluidsPedia allows anyone to create an account and contribute to the encyclopedia by improving existing articles or adding new content.


In order to make the symbols in the Thermal-FluidsPedia consistent from all contributors and editors, please adhere to the following common symbols.

Content policy and guidelines

Thermal-Fluids Central enforces the following policies for Thermal-FluidsPedia:

Copyrights and licenses

You may not copy, redistribute, retransmit, publish, or exploit any material in Thermal-FluidsPedia in any shape or form without the express written permission of Global Digital Central. In contributing to Thermal-FluidsPedia, authors retain Non-Exclusive Distributive right to their material, granting Global Digital Central the right to display and distribute the material online or print in any shape or format, while still allowing authors to retain ownership of their content for use in other publications.

Editorial board

The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Amir Faghri of the University of Connecticut, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief is Professor Yuwen Zhang of University of Missouri. There are 49 distinguished experts around the globe in Thermal-Fluids community serve as the Editorial board members. All changes or new additions to Thermal-FluidsPedia will be closely monitored by the Editorial board to ensure that the encyclopedia remains a high-quality and accurate source of information.


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