Conservation of mass at interface

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At a liquid-vapor interface, the mass balance is

{\dot m''_\delta } = {\rho _\ell }({{\mathbf{V}}_\ell } - {{\mathbf{V}}_I}) \cdot {\mathbf{n}} = {\rho _v}({{\mathbf{V}}_v} - {{\mathbf{V}}_I}) \cdot {\mathbf{n}}     \qquad \qquad(1)

where {\dot m''_\delta } is mass flux at the interface due to phase change and VI is the velocity of the interface. For a three-dimensional interface, there are three components of velocity: the normal direction, and two tangential directions, denoted by n, t1, and t2, respectively. Therefore, the velocity components should be defined according to these directions, as follows:

{\mathbf{V}} \cdot {\mathbf{n}} = {V_{\mathbf{n}}}     \qquad \qquad(2)
 {\mathbf{V}} \cdot {{\mathbf{t}}_1} = {V_{{{\mathbf{t}}_1}}}    \qquad \qquad(3)
{\mathbf{V}} \cdot {{\mathbf{t}}_2} = {V_{{{\mathbf{t}}_2}}}     \qquad \qquad(4)

The interfacial mass balance can be rewritten in these terms by:

{\dot m''_\delta } = {\rho _\ell }\left( {{V_{\ell ,{\mathbf{n}}}} - {V_{I,{\mathbf{n}}}}} \right) = {\rho _v}\left( {{V_{v,{\mathbf{n}}}} - {V_{I,{\mathbf{n}}}}} \right)     \qquad \qquad(5)


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