About Thermal-Fluids Central

Thermal-Fluids Central is an online e-global center supported by Global Digital Central on an "as is" basis to connect the global community in thermal-fluids science and technology. It is a one-stop information resource for those working in industry, academia, and research laboratories in all areas of thermal-fluids sciences and engineering--including thermal fluids, heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, combustion, and multiphase systems.

Thermal-Fluids Central was founded on the idea that in the digital era the technical community needs innovative tools and applications to find all relevant information through one website; including research, educational, outreach, and professional activities. All materials presented in Thermal-Fluids Central--whether submitted by the community or created by the founders--is free to view. There is also no charge for submitting materials on the Thermal-Fluids Central website for any applications including books, journals, jobs, events, news, and encyclopedias. Thermal-Fluids Central uses a ".org" domain to symbolize the relatively non-commercial nature, public service mission, and non-corporate culture of Global Digital Central.

Thermal-Fluids Central provides the following services:
  • Thermal-FluidsPedia - A comprehensive reference for professionals and students requiring information about thermal-fluids science and engineering. Authored and continuously updated by approved and qualified contributors and editors.
  • Journals - A premiere peer-reviewed frontier journal site, serving the needs of the thermal-fluids community. See the latest research or submit an article. Quickly share your research with the global thermal-fluids community, for increased citations and impact at no cost.
  • e-Books - Free access textbooks and monograph in thermal-fluids science and engineering.
  • e-Resources - e-Resources is an open repository where contributors can share lectures, presentations, simulation tools, and other material related to thermal-fluids science and engineering. It is a free service, and you can also search our repository for existing resources. Preserve your technical contributions long term and let e-Resources manage your files safely and securely.
  • Jobs - Search available jobs in companies and universities involving thermal-fluids. You may also advertise any open positions in thermal-fluids for free.
  • Events - Search available events involving thermal-fluids science and engineering. You may also post an upcoming event in thermal-fluids science and engineering for free.
  • Forum - Meet and discuss with fellow thermal-fluids colleagues from all over the world. This is a free forum discussion platform for everyone interested in thermal-fluids science and technology.
  • News & Announcements - Thermal-Fluids Central staff search hundreds of sources daily and select relevant top stories of importance to the thermal-fluids community. The thermal-fluids community can also submit worthy news.
  • Who's Who - Thermal-Fluids Central has compiled the most comprehensive directory of who's who in thermal-fluids science and engineering from all over the world.
  • Links - Contains a database with links to websites that provide exceptional content that are of interest to the thermal-fluids community.

There can be no better way to fulfill the mission of furthering knowledge in our field than by making research, technical information, and professional needs freely available to a global audience. We are in the initial stages of this innovative opportunity to reach out to our thermal-fluids community in this global digital era. Your technical contribution to various aspects of Thermal-Fluids Central as well as your input to promote this activity is greatly appreciated. Please visit the Thermal-Fluids Central website regularly as new materials are continuously added.

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