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Simple Evaluation Method for Effective Thermal Conductivity of a Wick Structure Filled with a Working Fluid

Yasushi Koito, Ryo Yamaguchi, Toshio Tomimura
Frontiers in Heat Pipes (FHP) 7 - 3 (2016)


Effective thermal conductivity of a heat pipe wick structure filled with a working fluid is measured.  A simple evaluation method using a heating and a cooling rod is described and the value of effective thermal conductivity is obtained by comparing the numerical results with the experimental ones.  A flame and sheets are employed to prevent the leak of the working fluid from the wick structure.  Three type of sintered copper powders and water are used as the wick structure and the working fluid, respectively.  The measurement results are shown and then compared with the previous empirical equations.

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ISSN: 2155-658X