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Miniature High-Temperature Rotating Heat Pipes and Their Applications in Gas Turbine Cooling

Yiding Cao
Frontiers in Heat Pipes (FHP) 1 - 023002 (2010)


This paper describes an emerging cooling technique of the miniature high-temperature rotating heat pipe (MHTRHP) and its applications in gas turbine engines. The working principle of the MHTRHP and its disposition in the turbine blade and disk are first elaborated, followed by experimental and numerical studies of the subject. The study in the past 10 years indicated that the MHTRHP worked very well under the working temperature environment of a gas turbine blade and disk. Additionally, the MHTRHP is proven to be cost-effective, reliable, and long lasting, which may provide a foundation for the transition from the concept stage to the product development stage of the system.

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ISSN: 2155-658X